1. Keep my fingers crossed. I wanna be somewhere that I belong.
    — Strawberry Swisher pt. 3 - Dance Gavin Dance

  2. *sigh* for days


  3. If I could go to sleep just fucking once a week without a bombing headache…


  4. changeofpaces:

    And I guess if I can only ever be your biggest fan, that’s what I’ll be.


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  6. We don’t talk anymore and you don’t seem to care.
    — A 10-word story  (via icy-brunette)

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  9. Let’s just lay around and make love and take walks and talk a little.
    — Charles Bukowski, from “Post Office   (via nikeswooshes)

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    48 Shades of Lightning 
    Taken from last night’s thunderstorm.
    (color hues are unretouched)

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